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Location: Playa Potrero
Price: 6,990,000
Lot Size in Sq. M.: 33210
Status: Exclusive
Full Description: The Cashew Estate is located in Potrero, district of Tempate, the canton of Santa Cruz in the province of Guanacaste. Approximately 1 km east of the entrance to "Flor del Pacifico", on the national road that connects Potrero with Coco Beach.

Around the area there are Touristic and residential projects as well as isolated houses located among nature and great landscapes shown by the mountains and valleys nearby. Cashew Estates is located on the first line of mountains with breathtaking views of the beach, allowing for views of the bay of Playa Flamingo and Potrero Beach.

Project Description:

The Project consists of a Condominium with both Residential and Commercial properties with 44 individual subsidiaries, with areas which start from 749m2 to 33,210m2. This project is structured as a Condominium of Condominiums, where each lot could be developed as an individual condominium, within a complex which has pedestrian trails among the valley and the mountains and exquisite social areas, which allows the owners to enjoy nature and spectacular sunsets, water and mountain views.

It is estimated that the project will have a population of 1,850, where green recreational areas and trees are pervasive throughout the project, ensuring the enjoyment of nature and a high quality of life.

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Target market:

The Project's purpose is to meet a growing need for people who want to live in a community which values the environment and a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. One sub-group in this population is the growing number of retirees looking for a better quality of life, where medical and dental services could be affordable and adjusted to their needs.
Hand in hand with this initiative, Costa Rica expects to attract about 10 thousand U.S. retirees during the first three years to live permanently in Costa Rica under the concept of creating retirement communities, where residents receive high quality medical care at affordable prices. Given the low cost of skilled labor in Costa Rica, an "age in place" approach is feasible, where residents get the level of assistance they need as they grow older, up to and including full residential assisted living.

Architectural Concepts:

It consists of a fusion of historical architectural elements from the area, characterized by a strong character, simple massing and straightforward use of materials with modern design, interior design and integration with the landscape.

The views of the land will be incorporated so that the buildings are situated among an abundance of green foliage. This way, the view of the structures does not produce a displeasing visual impact on the water, mountain and valley views. Beyond visual aesthetics, our intention is to create bioclimatic and sustainable buildings throughout the entire project in order to avoid detracting from the ecology of the area.

Among the design concepts that will be included are:
- Water management, through sustainable systems. (Wells, Irrigation systems, Waste water treatment plants, detention ponds for pluvial events, etc.)
- Alternative energy generation systems
- Enhancement of biodiversity to yield a more robust ecosystem
- Incorporation of pedestrian trails through secondary forest areas for the enjoyment of residents.

3 registered wells with water concessions and environmental permits for the infrastructure including entrance, clubs, pools, tennis courts, roads, power and water. There are water lines installed to the ocean view area of the development. There is approximately 1 km of frontage on the Monkey Trail.
Potrero and Penca beaches are within 2 km of the property. The title is clear.

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